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Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 12 Reactions

1. When Asami, Iroh, and Bolin are electrocuted trying to break into the airfield

2. When Korra and Mako attempt to expose Amon as a fraud…

3. …only to fail miserably.

4. When Amon shows he has the Airbender family bound and gagged

5. When Asami confronts her father about his revenge

6. When you find out that the Equalists intercepted the location of the United Forces fleet

7. When Naga and Pabu bust Bolin and Iroh out of jail

8. When Asami starts piloting the mecha tank

9. When Iroh kicks the pilot out and starts flying the plane

10. When Amon threatens to take away airbending forever

11. When Mako generates lightning

12. When Korra breaks Tenzin and his family out of prison

13. When Korra is hiding from Amon

14. When Amon begins bloodbending Korra

15. When Mako tries to stop Amon

16. When Amon bloodbends Mako

17. When Amon takes away Korra’s bending

18. When Iroh blasts fire from his hands to fly

19. When Iroh almost crashes his plane

20. When Iroh thanks Aang for looking out for him

21. When the mecha tanks almost hit Bolin, and he doesn’t notice.

22. When Asami realizes his father is horrible

23. When she takes him down.

24. When the Lieutenant realizes who Amon really is, but is thrown out by Amon

25. When Mako overcomes Amon’s bloodbending

26. When Amon attacks Mako, but Korra finally throws an air punch

27. When Korra realizes she can airbend

28. When Korra kicks Amon out using airbending

29. When Amon bends water to save himself, exposing himself as a fraud

30. When Noatak and Tarrlok escape together

31. When Bolin ends up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.


33. Double Love Suicide: Noatak and Tarrlok

34. When Katara can’t heal Korra.

35. When Korra runs away (and most likely contemplates suicide)


37. “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change”

38. When Korra gives Lin her bending back.


Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 11

1. When Hiroshi is having a victory speech at City Hall


2. When Aang’s statue is wearing an Equalist mask


3. When bending is banned


4. When Mako and Korra are disguised as Equalists


5. When Mako and Korra have a moment


6. When the United Forces arrive…


7….only to be bombed by Equalist airships


8. When Iroh keeps cool under pressure


9. When you wonder where Hiroshi gets the time to keep inventing evil machines


10. When Korra saves General Iroh


11. When Team Avatar draft up a plan


12. When Asami prepares to meet her maker


13. When Korra and Mako sneak onto Air Temple Island incognito


14. When they run into Tarrlok in the attic


15. When you find out that Tarrlok is Amon’s brother, and Yakone’s son


16. When Amon/Noatak is being Tarrlok’s protective big bro


17. When Yakone is cruel to his sons in his quest for revenge


18. When Yakone forces Tarrlok and Noatak to learn bloodbend


19. When Tarrlok and Noatak were forced to bloodbend each other


20. When Noatak bloodbended Yakone to submission


21. When Noatak asks Tarrlok to run away with him


22. When Tarrlok refuses and Noatak calls him a weakling


23. When Korra realizes that Amon can be taken down by being exposed as a bender


Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 10

1. When Asami and Mako have an argument about the state of their relationship

2. When Tenzin asks Lin to watch over his family…

3. …which really means getting stuck with babysitting duty

4. When the Equalists start attacking the Council members

5. When Republic City is bombed by Equalist airships

6. When we see Korra’s fantastic parking job

7. When Mako burns all of the parking tickets

8. When Asami and Mako are passive-aggressive to each other

9. When you realize pretty much the entire police force is sabotaged

10. When Tenzin wires the United Forces

11. When the phone lines all go dead

12. When Asami is a badass getaway driver

13. When Tenzin and Team Avatar battle the mechas

14. When an Equalist airship is heading straight for Air Temple island

15. When Pema goes into labor…at this unfortunate time.

16. When the air babies defend Lin from the Equalists

17. When Meelo weaponizes his farts

18. When Tenzin is reunited with his family

19. When baby Rohan is born

20. When Lin forces Tenzin’s family and Team Avatar to escape

21. When Meelo calls Lin his hero

22. When the Equalists capture Lin

23. When Amon takes away Lin’s bending

24. When we see the United Forces

25. When we meet General Iroh…

26. …and when you realize he sounds just like Zuko


Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 9 Reactions

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 9 

1. When Meelo answers the phone

2. When Tarrlok lies to Tenzin about Korra being kidnapped by Equalists during an ambush

3. When Lin busts Mako, Bolin, and Asami out

4. When Lin catches Bolin with his fly down

5. When Korra connects to Aang’s past

6. When you see that Toph still calls Aang twinkletoes when they’re 40

7. When Lin uses seismic sense to find the underground passageway

8. When Asami grills Bolin about Mako and Korra

9. When Asami finds out that Mako and Korra kissed during the tournament

10. When Team Avatar find the underground Equalist bunker

11. When Lin finds her officers…

12. …only to find that their bending was already taken.

13. When Team Avatar realizes that Korra isn’t there and that Tarrlok was lying

14. When we meet Older!Sokka

15. When Yakone bloodbends Aang, Toph, and Sokka during his trial

16. When the Council Page exposes Tarrlok as a bloodbender and kidnapper

17. When Tarrlok bloodbends Team Avatar to submission

18. When Aang and Yakone fight each other

19. When Aang takes away Yakone’s bending

20. When Korra realizes that Tarrlok is Yakone’s son

21. When you realize that all Tarrlok wanted was to make Republic City better

22. When Amon and the Equalists ambushes Tarrlok and Korra

23. When Tarrlok attempts to bloodbend Amon, but he overcomes it

24. When Amon takes away Tarrlok’s bending

25. When Korra fakes being electrocuted by the Lieutenant

26. When Korra blasts her way out of the box and escapes with Naga

27. When Mako rushes to Korra’s side, as Asami looks on

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 8

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 8

  1. When Asami, Mako, and Bolin move to Air Temple Island.          

  2. When Meelo welcomes them to his domain.                              

  3. When Pabu and Naga make friends.                                      

  4. “You’re pretty, can I have some of your hair?”                         

  5. When Bolin is asks a lot of questions and Ikki delivers.              

  6. When boys have to stay on the boy’s side.                             

  7. “We shall meet again soon beautiful woman”                             

  8. When Ikki kindly lets Asami know about Korra’s feelings for Mako.                                                                                  

  9. When Korra kicks Ikki out and Ikki goes catwoman on us.         

  10. When Saikhan replaces Chief Beifong                                     

  11. When Korra doesn’t need Tarrlock, because she’s the avatar.     

  12. When Tarrlock calls Korra a “half-baked Avatar in training”.         

  13. When Korra calls herself a “spiritual failure”                             

  14. When Korra cries                                                                


  15. When Bolin proclaims his group as the new Team Avatar.           

  16. When Meelo seals the new Team Avatar deal with fart bending.  


  17. When Asami is an amazing getaway driver.                              

  18. Awesome chase scene!                                                          

  19. When Team Avatar beats Tarrlock’s task force                         

  20. When Tarrlock goes nuclear and suggests quarantining the non-benders.                                                                             

  21. When Korra comes to the non-bender’s aide.                            

  22. When Tarrlock throws Asami, Bolin, and Mako in jail.                  

  23. When Tenzin tries to free Team Avatar.                               

  24. When Korra comes to intimidate Tarrlock.                                

  25. When Tarrlock and Korra begin to fight.                                    


  26. When Tarrlock bloodbends.                                                     

  27. When Tarrlock kidnaps the avatar.                                        

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 7

  1. When Tarrlock blames Lin for failing to stop Amon’s attack.        

  2. When the Arena is officially shut down                                     

  3. When Korra invites Bolin and Mako to stay with her.                  

  4. When Asami beat her to the punch.                                         

  5. When Asami invites Korra over to her place.                             

  6. EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT: CABBAGE CORP SHAKE HANDS WITH EQUALISTS!                                        

  7. When Korra finds Tahno, depressed and un-wolfbatty.               

  8. When Mako and Bolin frolic in Asami’s pool.                             

  9. When Bolin votes makeovers.                                                

  10. When Asami takes Korra out for a spin.                                   

  11. When Asami isn’t daddy’s helpless little girl but a badass chick.  

  12. When Korra overhears Hiroshi talking about….plans.                 

  13. When Korra leaves because she has to airsit…no…babybend…no…babysit the airbabies.                      

  14. When Korra tells Lin and Tenzin about her suspicions on Hiroshi. 

  15. When Hiroshi Sato is investigated, but nothing turns up.             

  16. When Mako accuses Korra of being jealous, and threatens to de-friend her. ‘                                                                          

  17. When Korra gets a lead on a secret factory.                            

  18. Is that a secret tunnel?                                                       

  19. When Mako fire-sneezes, and Bolin trips an officer of the law…and then they tie him up to a barrel.                              

  20. When we find out that Korra’s lead was a trap.                        

  21. When Lin, Tenzin, and Korra are knocked out.                         

  22. When Mako is called a fire-bending street rat (RIFF RAFF)         

  23. When Asami is betrayed by her father, and goes electrocutes him.                                                                                   

  24. When Lin decides to resign her position and promises to help take Amon down…outside the law.                                      

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 6 Reactions

  1. When the Fire Ferrets prepare for their battle with the Wolf Bats image

  2. When Amon interrupts the music hour to threaten the pro-bending arena and its fans.                                                               image

  3. When Korra forces herself into a private city hall meeting.      image

  4. When Republic City Council decides to shut down the arena.      image

  5. When you learn that pro-bending is beating benders up in peace. image

  6. When Lin makes her grand entrance, agreeing with the avatar.    image

  7. When the council decides to keep the arena open after all.        image

  8. When you learn that Pema was almost thrown into jail because of jealousy.                                                                     image

  9. Realizing that everything is going according to plan for Amon.    image

  10. When Tenzin and Lin decide to work together for old times sake. image

  11. FIRE FERRET COSPLAYERS                                                image

  12. Pabu’s awesome trick introducing the fire ferrets.                  image

  13. When the wolfbats come in with fireworks and fanfare.              image

  14. When you realize that the referee has been bought by the Wolf Bats                                                                               image

  15. When Tenzin gets pissed off at the refs.                                 image

  16. When Korra is called a little girl by Tahno                                image

  17. When Korra owns him.                                                         image

  18. When Lin calls Korra a girl “tough as nails”                               image

  19. When the Wolfbats win the game.                                       image

  20. When the EQUALISTS are undercover.                                  image

  21. When Lin and Tenzin are attacked via electrocution                    image

  22. The commentating of  an attack on Shiro Shinobi by Shiro Shinobi.                                                                      image

  23. When Amon makes examples out of the Wolf bats.                 image

  24. SPIDER LIN, SPIDER LIN                                                   image

  25. When Republic City is officially at war.                                image

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 5 Reactions

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 5

  1. When Korra is clearly jealous of Asami.                      

  2. When Bolin emphasizes that he and Korra are all alone in the gym…two alone people.                                                      

  3. When Jinora and Ikki keep pressing Korra about her feelings for Mako.                                                                            

  4. When Jinora thinks that burning an entire country and jumping into a volcano is romantic.                                                             

  5. When Pema tells Korra her love story.                                        

  6. When the Fire Ferrets win the opening match of the tournament.   

  7. When Korra admits her feelings for Mako.                          

  8. And he turns her down.                                                     

  9. When Bolin calls Korra the “smartest, funniest, toughest, buffest, talentedest, incrediblest girl in the world”.                      

  10. When you meet Tahno and the Wolfbats at the water tribe restaurant.                                                            

  11. When Tahno offers to give Korra some private lessons.        

  12. When Korra and Bolin have a great date night.                        

  13. When Mako yells at Korra for giving Bolin hope of her becoming Bolin’s girlfriend.                                                            

  14. When Mako and Korra do horribly at probending because they are mad at each other.                                                     

  15. When Bolin singlehandedly wins the quarterfinal match.            

  16. When Korra and Mako kiss.                                            

  17. …And Bolin sees them.                                                  

  18. When Mako is a brother betrayer and a bad idea.             

  19. When the Fire Ferrets are headed to the finals.                         

  20. When Korra uses water healing                                                

  21. When Korra and Bolin make up.                                             

  22. When the Wolfbats win and become the Fire Ferret’s final enemy.                                                                  

  23. When Shiro Shinobi hopes that the Fire Ferret’s have a good doctor, because they will need it.                                   

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